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Every year and a half, I check my Credit Reports just for peace of mind of my very good credit. Transunion and Equifax Credit reports are all correct as always. A year and a half ago, My Experian credit report was correct. Now, totally wrong. A lot of negative information and a couple of good loans were added into my report. WHICH IS NOT MINE. Something went wrong with their system. Two more social security numbers are showing in my report. Two other names are showing too. And the person living with me before, his record went in to my report too. Totally mixed up.

I called them up, person could not help me since there are too many mistakes. Experian Rep. told me to write them up, explain and show about the dispute.

If these negative information are all mine, how come it is not showing in my Transunion and Equifax Credit report.

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We just found the same problem AGAIN. This is not a joke but a Federal Offense.

They are giving out SSN and account information to the wrong people. This aids in identity theft. I just filed a complaint against them with the Fed Govt.

They ought to have a class action lawsuit filed against them.

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