Wichita, Kansas
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I have an almost perfect credit score. I did, on advice, put a credit freeze on my accounts.

However; because I needed to borrow money, I needed to unfreeze my accounts. When I called Trans-union, it took five minutes from a friendly customer service representative, including wait time. But after several frustrating hours (literally), of trying to get my credit record unfrozen through by following the prompts and being unable to get a live person, and then trying to do it through the website twice, I was still unable to accomplish my objective. Luckily, because my credit score with Trans-Union was so good, I was able to get the loan without Experian.

I have had lots of trouble with these types of transactions in the past, but this was by far the worst. I also,have never filed a complaint like this previously.

But this time I needed to vent my off the charts frustration. I would not give it even one star if this option was available.

Product or Service Mentioned: Experian Credit Report.

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