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I called experian to fix/dispute about my credit score and started recording the representative because she kept saying that she does not have access to my information/records. I applied to get a pre-approval for a mortgage and was told and read it myself that the most my credit score would drop would be 5 points because the inquiries were for a pre-approval and the credit inquiries would be lumped together as 1 inquiry within a 45 day period.

That did not happen and my credit score dropped 44 points! I had just put in an offer for a house and was accepted. This representative was absolutely clueless and kept saying that she could not access my information and could not put in a dispute for me. I started recording what she was saying and finally got pissed off (i was on hold for 47 minutes waiting for a rep but was not rude or upset at rep in the beginning) so I told her i was glad i was recording her.

NOT 2 MINUTES LATER MY SCORE DROPPED ANOTHER 40 POINTS. SHE DID THIS ON PURPOSE. I want to file a complaint as this is criminal what she just did to me.

I can't believe that this person has the power to destroy my credit and my chances on purchasing a home for me and my family.

How and where can I file a complaint against this customer representative.

Thank you

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by the way, being a former employee of Experian, representative have no access or control over the score. The score you get is provided by the monitoring service, or the company that pulled your report.

The only thing that would have been provided by Experian is the information in the report.

So, unless the representative changed the information on your report the change in score came from something reported to them. Good luck

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