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Experian refuses to delete unverified and erroneous account on my credit report. I have sent several letters in the past asking for proof by providing me with documentation and information how they verified it .

Instead they sent me BOGUS letters saying they verified the information as... being accurate. No documentation was provided to me in accordance with the FCRA Section 609 stating that the CRA's credit agency must provide the consumer with documentation or they must delete. They say they verified this bankruptcy filings with the clerk of the court but the clerk of the court does not verify that information with 3rd party.

So they are lying and continuing to report these inaccuracy on my credit file which is against the federal law. Credit report company verified the account by repeating same erroneous information. . Im requesting description of the procedure used to determine the accuracy and completeness of the item in question.

This should include the name, title, phone number, and address of the person you spoke or corresponded with to verify. Remember, show how you verified. Matching name, SS# ,address, account number. Experian failed to conduct thorough investigation into the problem which raises questions about the veracity of their claims.

The investigations are inadequate to correct many types of errors. In most cases, it is clear that the employees in charge of the reinvestigation fail to uphold even the minimum standards of investigation to verify account. Problems can also occur when CRAs do not follow their own procedures to resolve errors. This example helps to demonstrate how minimal steps taken by CRAs do not properly address or even clarify the underlying dispute.

In many cases, CRAs are accepting the word of the furnisher, even when they dont have evidence to back up their case. This is true even for disputes from furnishers who are to improve the error dispute process, furnishers should not be allowed to dismiss a dispute as frivolous if the consumer submits new information that is relevant to the complaint. Furnishers should require to delete disputed information from a credit report if it cannot provide documentation to back it up.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act credit report file must be 100% accurate. If it is not accurate or unverifiable then two things must happen-the file must be corrected to show its true or it must be deleted.

Review about: Experian Credit Report.

Reason of review: credit report investigation .

Preferred solution: delete unverified bankruptcy off my credit report.

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