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Like everyone else, I purchased the $1 credit report, which Experian tried to turn into a $20+ monthly membership. Firstly, the company knows that they are not supposed to do this legally, but who is going to stop them? Secondly, there is nothing to keep them from telling you that they won't give your money back. You need to talk to Experian first, because all banks require it, but you will need to report the abuse of Experian to your bank in... Read more

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I know what you mean it seems like companies are hiring people in Asia a lot of parts of India are now answering the phone for major companies it's frustrating all you have to do is say you want to talk to a representative in the US and by law they have to transfer you I hate calling companies for that reason and I don't mess with Experian cuz they don't seem to changeOr they simply just don't care they let you access your credit report without... Read more

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Experian has been charging me $19.99 a month for three years. Sorry i don't check my statments, my bad. Thankfully wells fargo gave back all the money they SCAMMED from me! Wells fargo, and the MN Attorney General are going after those loosers. I hope for the sake of us hard working people they go down. Add comment

Last month I requested my credit report from Experian. I used my debit card for the fee and received the report. Yesterday (4-28-16) I was debited $23.32 for a monthly fee. I did not authorize this and mentioned this on the Experian facebook page. I received a message apologizing and stated they would look into it. Today, my bank account was debited an additional $39.95. I am now being charged $63.27. I had an account with Experian, however,... Read more

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I did an inguiry with CREDIT KARMA After the INFORMATION was sent on the Internet it TOLD ME I HAD 7 Days to CANCEL & WOULD Not receive any ADDitional CHARGES Well GUESS WHAT?? My Credit Card Statement came & EXPERIAN CHARGED ME $21.95 I called IMEDIATELY and after some time I was transferred to someone else This Agent said I had a MEMBERSHIP with Them I told him I NEVER signed up for MEMBERSHIP He said he UNDERSTOOD & will CANCEL the... Read more

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If you provide your credit card info to them you will be scammed! One of the reasons this is so misleading is the initial $1.00 charge appears as though it is to simply identify you as you so a person can get access to their credit report. In fact buried on the 2nd page in the fine print is a subscription charge of $21.95 per month. Originally I went to to receive my annual credit reports FREE; however, the Experian... Read more

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Like so many, I provided my credit card to get my credit scores for $1.00 and then cancelled my membership. Their e-mails to me indicated that I was unsubscribed on my inbox so I never bothered opening them and assumed that everything went as planned. I went on with my life and months later noticed not only the $1.00 fee, but also a $53.63 fee posted on my ccard on the same day, a $23.57 charge 7 days later, and then 5 monthly $23.57... Read more

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I signed up for a free trial with Equifax once I entered the site I see an Experian logo along with two others not really thinking much I look through the web site to see what is showing for my credit. I find the page, print and quickly cancel 2 days later since I never had intention to keep the account open. Now I'm getting charged from Experian never had knowing they stole my information from that website or they work together. I yelled at the... Read more

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My husbands medical records were hacked, the office offered free Experian coverage for a year. First problem - unworkable website for signing in. even their support people couldn't make it work. Second problem - couldn't do it over the phone -my husband has dementia and I handle his affairs. They needed to talk to him - wasn't going to happen. Third problem- a series of emails from Experian that showed they did not or want to understand the... Read more

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We were given a one year free service due to a breach in 21st Century Oncology lack of security. We were enrolled using the letter transmitting this breach, but can not secure a password to access our on line account. We were supposed to get additional e-mails to set this up and never did. This was in respect to both spouses. Experian's phone number is always busy saying to call back. We have tried calling over a three day period only to have... Read more

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